Bright Ideas Apex Acrylic

Bright Ideas Apex Acrylic

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A high quality artists acrylic with a permanent, satin finish. Apex Acrylic has elevated structure and texture.

Apex is manufactured using lightfast rated pigments with clean, intense colours.
It has a thick impasto consistency enabling brush stroke retention - "performs like
an oil paint". Being an acrylic, it has a quick drying time for over-painting, while
still allowing time for colour blending on the canvas. Apex is formulated on a
tough, flexible emulsion, which retains brush and palette knife effects and does
not flatten on drying. Brushes and equipment wash out in water. Non toxic.
By brush/roller/
printing with
corrugated card/flower
fabrics/natural and
found objects.


If a rich full-density effect is required - paint a background prior
to the planned design. Choose a colour (or multiple colours)
to compliment the planned work eg a seascape may benefit
from a deep blue or green or green and blue under-painting.
Apply the paint either evenly or randomly with brush, sponge
or knife. Allow to dry before continuing the painting process.


Lightweight papers, including glossy magazine pages, can be
applied to any stage of the painting by just pressing onto the
wet paint. When the collaged material is dry, further work with
more collaged papers or any painting process can proceed.
Lightweight fabrics can be handled in the same way though
some synthetic fabrics may need an initial application of Five

Star PVA High Grade Glue. Apex Acrylics can be used over
PVA when dry. Varnish with Five Star Shellac or Apex Gloss
Medium for a gloss finish.


Apex gives good one coat coverage on custom wood and
timber. PVA Glue was used to affix a variety of shapes to an
MDF (or custom wood) base. First coat was painted all over,
followed by additional colours and the additional stenciled
shapes. Five Star Shellac or Apex Gloss Medium can be used
for a gloss finish.

Apex gives one-coat coverage on most plastic, metal and
unvarnished wood materials. Glass and mirrors require two
coats for an opaque coverage.